About Me

I am a fan of Blender with a manufacturing & programming background. I don't consider myself an "artist", because I mostly use Blender for technical drawing. I hope to learn more about the other aspects of Blender to truly be able to create artwork & organic character animation.

I'm also a long time listener of Ernest Hancock's Declare Your Independence radio show. As well as other liberty oriented podcasts. When he started talking about the Precariat and asked for someone to build a 3D model, I thought "I could probably do that".

Little did I know it would take months to create the basic ship from scratch. A much bigger project than I expected. But once I had time invested, I felt I had to finish so it wouldn't be a complete waste of time. The more time I spent, the harder it was to abandon.

I now have hope that Ernie can promote the ship and it will generate enough interest that people will appreciate the time I'm putting into the project and donate to make it all worthwhile.